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Shocking Data – Who’s Wasting Alaska Halibut?

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May 16th, 2011

Who’s Wasting Alaska Halibut? Not only are commercial fisherman allowed to catch the most Halibut, but they waste more than the combined catch of other responsible fisherman. As most know, Alaska has the best Halibut fishing in the world and is a very important resource to this great state and the Alaska fishing industry. However, every year, millions of pounds of Alaska Halibut are wasted in commercial fisheries. The irresponsible fishing of Commercial fisherman is the issue that should be addressed when it comes to Halibut conservation. Responsible fisherman like the alaska charter fishing industry or sport fishing are suffering because of the millions of pounds of waste each year by Commercial fishing. We wanted to help others visualize the amount of wasted Halibut that ends up rotting away in the ocean each year so we did some research and compiled the data into this infographic below. Please help the Alaska Halibut fishing industry and share this shocking information with everyone you know. We’ve added social media share icons here and also created a share box down below the graphic to make it easy for you to post it to your blog or website.


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Whos Wasting Alaska Halibut?