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How to Dress | What to Bring

When you come to Alaska you will need to dress in layers

The weather can vary from up in the 70′s and sun shining with 20 hours of daylight to raining and in the 40′s. To get a better idea of the weather during your stay just give us a call or you can click here to visit the National Weather Service webpage to see the current conditions and 7-day forecast for the Glacier Bay Area.

We have compiled a general list of items that we recommend. This list will vary depending on each persons comfort and the activities that you will be doing while here. If you have any questions please contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to answer any questions.


  • Day Pack. A day pack is great for keeping things close by throughout the day. To keep things inside dry on rainy days, consider a water proof pack or lining it with a trash bag.
  • Sunglasses -polarized sunglasses allow you to see into the water better.
  • Binoculars. If you are going on the Glacier Bay Day Cruise then a standard pair of binoculars is available on the boat free of charge.
  • Medications. There are no pharmacies in Gustavus so please bring an extra supply of any medications you depend on, so that you are sure to have what you need.
  • Toiletry Items. Toothbrush, comb or small brush, personal items, disposable razors, etc. It is best not to bring sweet smelling perfumes, sprays, and lotions — they might attract insects or bears!
  • Fishing Gear. When going on guided fishing trips all the fishing gear will be provided for you. However if you have your own gear you are welcome to bring that along.
  • Miscellaneous. A cap with sun visor, pocket knife or multi-tool, camera, bandanna, reading material.

Clothing Items

  • Wool Socks. The warmth, cushion, and absorbency of thick wool socks are important. Cotton is fine and useful especially when you are relaxing around the lodge but wool socks are recommended when you are out on your fishing and other activities.
  • Long Underwear. Cotton is okay for sightseeing and leisurely activities but merino wool is best for active adventures like hiking. For water activities such as kayaking, polypropylene is better.
  • Pants. Jeans work fine. You can also bring a synthetic pair if you wish.
  • Shirts. A few long sleeve shirts & T-shirts.
  • Comfortable Shoes. We recommend one pair of normal tennis shoes and one pair of waterproof hiking boots. We have rubber boots here that are available for your use for fishing or short hikes. If you have your own then you are welcome to bring them along since yours may fit better than ours.
  • Sweater or Fleece Jacket. This is your insulation layer. If you tend to be cold, you should bring two or more insulation layers.
  • Rain Gear. We recommend you bring a pair of lightweight rain gear. Make sure they are waterproof, not just water-resistant. Jacket and Pants. We have a large supply of rain gear available to our guests if you prefer not to bring your own.
  • Warm Hat. We recommend a warm wool or synthetic hat that covers the ears.
  • Gloves. Light cotton gloves work fine for hiking, biking and other leisure activities. For fishing and kayaking we recommend lightweight neoprene diver’s gloves. Glacier Gloves is a great brand for kayaking and fishing.
  • Shorts. For sleeping, relaxing in the lodge, and unusually warm days.
  • Underwear. Your regular underwear is fine.