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Whale Watching Taz

Location: Icy Straits and Point Adolphus
Duration: 8:30am – 12:00pm or 1:30pm to 5:00pm
Highlights: See all sorts of marine life and plenty of whales.

Price: Adults $120 Children 4-12 $60 Children 3 and under free

Trip Summary: We offer morning and afternoon excursions aboard the 45′ M/V TAZ, into North America’s most famous Humpback whale feeding grounds – Icy Strait and Point Adolphus. These areas are world famous for the gathering of these little giants. Their unique feeding techniques, acrobatics, and vocalizations make every tour unforgettable. Join us for an unforgettable opportunity to see Humpback whales, plus a variety of other marine mammals, including Minke whales, Orcas (killer whales), Stellar sea lions, sea otters, Dall porpoises, and the elusive Harbor porpoises. We also observe Bald Eagles, Puffins, a wide variety of other sea birds, and occasionally an Alaskan Brown Bear can be strolling on the beach.

The 45′ M/V TAZ is an ideal vessel for observing and photographing wildlife. It is extremely stable, with large observation windows which allow for great viewing from both inside or outside on the deck. In addition, our unique hydrophone system allows us to hear the calls of the whales underwater. We also have a comfortable heated interior and enclosed restroom for the comfort of our passengers.

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Whale Watching Private

Location: Icy Straits and Point Adolphus
Duration: 1/2 day or full day
Highlights: See all sorts of marine life, beautiful scenery and lots of whales.

Price: $165 per person, minimum of 4, limit of 6 people.

Trip Summary: This adventure takes you to Pt. Adolphus, a nutrient-rich feeding ground for migrating whales. Humpback, Grey, Minke and Orca Whales, along with other marine wildlife, indulge in these waters just outside of Glacier Bay. Also, you have the option of creating your own travel itinerary and seeing other things besides whales since you are chartering your own boat.

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