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Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay National Park Animals (Infographic)

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The Glacier Bay National Park is enormous and full of wildlife. Please support the education and continued preservation of this wonderful place by sharing this around the web. Help others know what wonderful places we have in this beautiful country.

We wanted to create this graphic below to better highlight the Glacier Bay National Park animals. From the Alaska Humpback Whales, all the many Alaska fish species, to the amazing tufted puffin and many many more. This graphic is separated into showing species from the air, land, and down to the water. What are some of your favorites? Which ones are you hoping to get a glimpse of or may have already sighted during your visits?

Glacier Bay National Park Animals Guide

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242 bird species live in the Glacier Bay National Park. 160 marine and estuarine fish species. All 5 Pacific Salmon species are found here. Hundreds of humpback whales feed in park waters and the Icy Straight during the summer. Home to 41 species of land and water mammals, 8 of which are species of marine mammals. The Glacier Bay National Park is home to 30 of Alaskas 40 species of land mammals. These are just a few of the many wonders of this wonderful national park.