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whaleoutofwaterThis Alaska Lodge is nothing like the many other traditional Gustavus Alaska Hotels. Glacier Bay Country Inn is located just outside the town limits and sits on 163 acres bordered by the Glacier Bay National Park Alaska. We do everything in our power to make sure that your stay at the Alaska Fishing Lodge will be an amazing experience you will remember for a lifetime.

Step anywhere onto the shoreline, and you’ll know immediately this is the Alaska you’ve waited a lifetime to experience. For this is Glacier Bay Country, a land of barren, rock ravages reborn again to fruitful replenishment; the north country’s Garden of Eden. For many of you, the sedating images of Glacier Bay that you’ve seen on this website have comforted you in hectic traffic, providing a calming assurance in knowing that someday you would experience it all firsthand. In your mind’s ear, you recall hearing the gurgling melody of a trout stream winding through dense stands of spruce forest. But that was then.

Now that you are here, the reality of it all surpasses any photo, any description. Relax, and realize that you are among friends, far different than those you’ve left behind in the city. Your quest…your adventure…begins with a single step. The ocean breeze is the first to welcome you in its soothing embrace. Breathe in slowly, and savor a sweetness and purity found only in this Alaska wilderness. The earthy richness of vine-ripened huckleberries in the sunlit groves of the surrounding rainforest await harvest and enjoyment. There’s the heady, incense-like fragrance of two-hundred-year-old spruce and cedar, the ancient guardians that transformed a barren Ice Age landscape into the earth’s last great wilderness. Breathe in slowly. Allow yourself to savor air so invigorating it tingles your skin. Take another breath, and start walking, allowing your heart to lead you. But you won’t need to walk far. As caretakers of this corner of Alaska, we will place into your hands each day one of Nature’s many living keys. The key can take the form of a fern leaf, a small bird that has fallen from its nest, or the vibrant colors of a cutthroat trout about to swim away from your outstretched palm. Safeguard this key, and nurture the many treasures it unlocks during your stay……but be forewarned:

overareaBefore you leave, you’ll be the one nurtured by Glacier Bay. This is a land to sample sparingly and enjoy heartily. We fly you in our bush plane to remote areas that few if any people see in a year. This is hideaway fishing; pockets of water tucked away, barely revealing themselves for fear of discovery by the crowds. As delicate as an alpine flower, these aquatic jewels make grown men place down their fishing rods and sit in awe; some even get misty eyed at the magnificent beauty of it all. Fishing in such isolated wilderness is unlike anything you’ve experienced. Our trout and salmon are not stressed by boat traffic. Our streams don’t have hordes of anglers wading day after day through the fishes’ feeding areas. Fish here have a zest in their appearance, an energy of motion, a glimmer of wildness in their eye unlike those fish found in heavily fished areas. When you cradle one of our fish in your hands, you are holding a living treasure in an environment that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.