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alishahalibut1You are at the right place if you want a great fishing experience at a great price, but don’t want to be at a fish camp that has the bare necessities for you to enjoy.

Glacier Bay Country Inn takes pride in their facilities, food, and accommodations and what costs extra or is not offered at other lodges, we include at no charge in our fish package trips.

You will enjoy great food, your own room and bathroom, and when your not fishing, you will get to spend time relaxing on one of the nicest properties in Southeast Alaska. At our lodge, you will not be herded or crammed together.

We know that the more you enjoy your experience, the higher probability that you will return and the more likely you will refer a friend to us. It is no surprise that we have many who return year after year. When at our lodge, you can read through the guest book and you will see that the lodge has proven satisfaction year after year.

header_sub21-300x198For the Alaska Saltwater Fishing angler, we offer a fishery that is second to none among Alaska’s offshore waters. Forget the big harbors with their massive charter fleets, strong diesel fumes and noisy boats. We focus on remote waters not fished-out like areas near large coastal cities. During salmon season, it’s common to have several rods with fish on at once.

Glacier Bay saltwater is Alaska’s best fishing for another reason. While on the water, you can expect to see an abundance of marine life like you’ve never seen before. There’s nothing like great fishing and whale watching at the same time, now that’s Southeast Alaska fishing.

Bear, moose, and fox sightings are common along our shorelines, and bald eagles make spectacular aerial dives, snatching up surface-schooling herring without getting their legs wet.

rossling1Southeast Alaska streams can’t compare with Bristol Bay’s big water trout systems, but if Alaska Freshwater Fishing means more to you than catching an occasional large trout, Glacier Bay Country Inn promises not to disappoint. Fish for fish, we can match Alaska’s best fishing for trout, char and salmon. Ask those who have been here.

Another aspect to consider is fishing pressure. In many areas of Alaska, you can expect to fish the same stream with a dozen or more other lodges. On the other hand, Gustavus is a world-class fishery, but a fishery with a difference: Us.

Come be a part of this elite group of anglers and enjoy what Alaska fishing is meant to be.