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Day 1: Arrival

When you arrive in Gustavus, a friendly staff member of our team will pick you up at the airport and bring you to the lodge and take your luggage to your room(s). You will arrive in the afternoon and most guests really enjoy this time, they breathe in the fresh air and decompress from the travels while enjoying the afternoon snack time that we offer at the lodge. This afternoon period is great as you unpack, eat a snack, and become familiar with our accommodations and lodge property while you wait for dinner time.

Day 2: Freshwater Fishing

This is a day where you really get out in nature and see, taste, and smell Alaska. You will take a boat to one of the rivers in the nearby areas and fish along the banks while watching bears come and go. This is a guided adventure and your guide will help you fish and keep you safe and make sure you have a fun and memorable experience.  All fishing gear is provided. Both fly and spin rods and tackle are available. Waders and boots are also available.

Day 3: No planned activity. Explore the local area

This day could be spent exploring the local area or going on hikes in the National Park. Or you could use this day to simply relax at the lodge and take in the surrounding beauty. We are happy to provide ideas of unstructured activities for this day.

Day 3: Guided Saltwater Fishing

Fishing in the inside passage is not just a fishing experience because while you fish you are surrounded by beautiful scenery of mountains and wildlife. It is also one of the best halibut fishing destinations in the world. Some of the other species we target depending on the season include: King and Silver Salmon, Ling Cod, and several varieties of Rock Fish. You will have your own experienced boat captain and all fishing equipment is provided. We will drive you to the dock and introduce you to your captain, you just go out and enjoy the day and the boat captains will fillet the fish you catch at the end of the day and we will package them in wet-lock boxes so the fish is ready to be taken home. Lunches will be prepared by the lodge and packed and loaded on the boat for you. The waters are normally very calm as there are no ocean swells in the inside passage (see picture). However, during Salmon fishing, the water can be a little rougher depending on the weather. Our boats are 28-31 ft with indoor heated cabins (with head) as well as spacious fishing decks and fish holds to handle your catch! There are typically 4-5 anglers per boat.

Private Tour of Glacier Bay National Park

Enjoy the Glacier Bay National Park on your own boat, at your own pace. Prior to your excursion, we will talk to you about the areas that you can visit and you can select the places and things you would like to see. You will enjoy seeing marine wildlife, birds, and glaciers, all in one of the most beautiful places on the earth. The East arm of Glacier Bay National Park is the one least traveled. No huge cruise ships go this way and often we see no other people.

Private Tour of Glacier Bay National Park with optional McBride Glacier Kayaking

Enjoy the Glacier Bay National Park on your own boat, at your own pace. Prior to your excursion, we will talk to you about the areas that you can visit and you can select the places and things you would like to see. You will enjoy seeing marine wildlife, birds, and glaciers, all in one of the most beautiful places on the earth. The East arm of Glacier Bay National Park is the one least traveled. No huge cruise ships go this way and often we see no other people.

Because you plan this day’s activities, you can take kayaks and kayak near the McBride Glacier alongside Ice Bergs that have broken free. This private tour of the East Arm of the National Park is an activity that very few get to experience, one that you will not soon forget.

Day 8: Skagway White Pass Summit Train Excursion

You will take a charter flight to Skagway, an old Gold Rush town, and take a train up the beautiful and scenic White Pass mountain pass that the miners walked many years ago on their way to the Klondike Gold Rush. The plane ride there and back is worth the time and money on its own as you pass over ice fields and mountains. Before the train ride you can walk through the town and walk through some little museums that give a lot of history on the Alaska Gold Rush. After your day is complete, you will take a charter flight back to the lodge. We will make all the arrangements with the charter flight company and with the train company.

Day 8: Private Tour of Glacier Bay National Park on the Alaskan Eagle

Typically most of our guests see the National Park by taking the daily National Park Service boat tour but for your large group, I thought I’d suggest a better option that isn’t usually an option for most. Spend the day cruising through the West Arm of Glacier Bay National Park seeing glaciers and all sorts of wildlife aboard the 80’ Luxury Yacht, The Alaskan Eagle. A lot of people have spent a day cruising through Glacier Bay National park on a gigantic cruise ship with a thousand of their closest friends. Some have even spent a few days kayaking through the park. Only a few experience and explore the park with a guide who has spent half a century in Alaska and aboard a Yacht fit for a king. With Jimmie and Mary Ann Rosenbruch as your guides and the Alaskan Eagle as your home away from home, your experience will be unequaled and your memories will last a lifetime. This is an all-day tour starting early in the morning and returning late in the evening.

Half Day Whale Watching

You will embark on a ½ day whale watching excursion aboard the 45′ M/V TAZ, into North America’s most famous Humpback whale feeding grounds – Icy Strait and Point Adolphus. Their unique feeding techniques, acrobatics, and vocalizations make every tour unforgettable. You may also see a variety of other marine mammals, including Minke whales, Orcas (killer whales), Stellar sea lions, sea otters, Dall porpoises, and the elusive Harbor porpoises.

Guided Wilderness Isles Kayaking

We start this trip at the Gustavus beach, where we put on our rain gear and boots. While on the beach, your guide will provide an orientation to the kayaks and paddling technique. Crossing Icy Passage, we keep an eye out for sea otters, porpoise, sea lions, minke whales, orcas (killer whales), and seals. Upon reaching the island we are usually greeted by bald eagles. In the shallows along the shore, we can see a multitude of intertidal creatures as we drift along in our kayaks.

While on land, we’ll explore the moist interior of the forest, home to myriad species of ferns, mushrooms and wildflowers. Moss carpets the forest floor and drapes the branches. Unlike the young groves of Gustavus and Bartlett Cove, this forest is truly old growth. Coming to open areas of bog muskeg we soak up the ambiance of this beautifully unique place. There are not many places where one can go through so many interrelated yet distinct eco-systems in such a short distance.

Day 8: Glacier Bay National Park Day Cruise

Join us on The Baranof Wind Glacier Tour, an 8 hour cruise aboard a 149 passenger high-speed catamaran. The tour itinerary covers the west arm of Glacier Bay National Park and highlights the natural history, wildlife, geography, and tidewater glaciers of the area. Spend the day on the waters of Glacier Bay and see magnificent tidewater glaciers, towering snow-capped mountains, spectacular wildlife, whales, sea lions, rare birds, black bear, brown bears, seals, eagles, and much more along mile after mile of pristine coastline. A knowledgeable Park Naturalist narrates the tour and answers your questions. This is a wonderful family trip! Lunch is included and served on board with additional snacks and beverages available from the concessionaire.

Kayaking with the Whales

We start our trip in the morning with a short boat ride across Icy Strait to Point Adolphus. The ocean around Point Adolphus is a meeting place of currents flowing around Chichagof Island into the Inside Passage. This nutrient-rich confluence feeds an abundance of marine life from tiny barnacles to giant whales. Otters, seals, porpoise, sea lions and whales swim along the point in noisy groups. Summer is the time for them to stock up on the nutrients that will carry them through the long winter. We respect them and do not crowd them; our greatest pleasure is to share these creatures’ space without disrupting their lives.

Our Whales! day trip includes a kayaking orientation on the beach at Point Adolphus in the morning by one of our highly trained guides. We provide snacks throughout the day and a full lunch including smoked salmon or halibut, fresh fruits and vegetables, plus homemade desserts. Included in the trip price is the round-trip charter boat

Bear Watching at Chichagof Island

Experience up close the awesome brown bear in all of its majesty. This tour includes a flight to Hoonah located on Chichagof Island where bears have been coming to feed in the salmon-rich streams for centuries. Chichagof Island has the highest population of bears per square mile of any place on Earth. This trip also includes a tour of Hoonah, a largely native Alaskan community.

Day 8: Departure

Unfortunately, at some point, the adventure must come to an end. You will be taken to the airport and checked in for your flights by a staff member.  We will help you load your luggage and any fish boxes you may be taking home. The flight from Gustavus to Juneau is scenic and enjoyable.

*The above is a sample itinerary, the exact order of the itinerary may vary.